In love with his region and with good products

Jean-Jacques has a passion for good products, traveling the roads of Provence with his father Roger,  a well-known greengrocer at Les Arnavaux Market in Marseille.

An entrepreneurial spirit

Following in the footsteps of his father, in 1986 Jean-Jacques Tarpinian set up the Tarpinian company,  importing fruit and vegetables that would set the standard in the region and become a guarantee of quality.

Generous ambition

In 2002 Jean-Jacques Tarpinian acquired La Fermière, a brand creating tasty, attractive yogurts and desserts. A short time afterwards, the Biscuiterie Castellane came along to continue the tradition of typical Provençal biscuits.

A passion that is passed on daily

Today, Jean-Jacques Tarpinian runs the company with his love for the business and passes on his knowledge, curiosity and passion to the great Tarpinian group family.

Around him he has a talented team that enjoys inventing new recipes every day!

Team spirit

The Tarpinian family business brings together 170 employees around a common desire for creativity, know-how and a love of good things. From choosing ingredients to making the products, every step allows the team members to express themselves.